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Fast Food Truck

Food Vendors

Walking through town and having a good time can really work up your appetite. That's why we'll have 10 food, drink and snack vendors on site ready to serve you.

BBQ, vegan, tacos, charcuterie, icees and more!

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” – Orson Welles

Rick. Dimms original spice co

Candi's Sweets

Locally Seasoned

Stoney's Burgers and Fries

Deez Tacos

This is a Farmhouse- Vegan Faire

What'z Poppin

The Sweet Patch

Patricia Miller Pinky’s BBQ


Food Grab

Our food court will feature tents with tables and chairs to suit the whole family on a paved lot with portable potties for your convenience.

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